Female Police Officers in Somalia

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This study on female police officers was commissioned by UN Women and it aimed to provide data, information and analysis that would contribute to the police component of the UN Rule of Law Joint Programme and, subsequently, the police force’s capacity to respond to Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), improve access to judicial remedies for girls and women including increasing women’s full participation in the police force throughout Somalia. The study will present the current situation of female police officers and highlight the need for specific initiatives within the Somali police forces to address specific and unique security needs of men, women, girls and boys. The study was carried out between September and November 2016 in close consultation with Somali police forces (Somali Police Force, Puntland Police Force and Somaliland Police Force), and addressed research questions that relate to female police officers. It covered demographics, strategic targets and initiatives, literacy levels and training, roles and functions, obstacles and perceptions, facilities, and staff development policies.

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