8-week Research Training Course for Somali Women

The Somalia Gender Hub in partnership with Rob Merkus will be organising an 8-week Research Training for 20 Somali women in higher education, research and academia. The training will shed light on how to go about research in academia.

Rationale and Analysis

Research in Somalia is characterized by, among other things, a lack of coordination between research producers and knowledge users, which sometimes results in a dire lack of women’s input. Much of the knowledge being produced is not gendered and women’s voices are rare. There is very little written about Somali women as producers of knowledge and as subjects of study even though women and girls make up about 50%, if not more, of the Somali population. However, it is now widely recognized that women’s exclusion from knowledge production results in institutions and policies that do not address gender inequalities and are not responsive to women’s needs. 

The training course is for women only. Criteria for selection will be soon announced on our website. A call for applications will be soon sent out on our website as well.

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