Book: The Sounds of Laughter: An Anthology of Poems from the Soul by Sahro Ahmed Koshin

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It is doing and giving for somebody else on which all of life’s splendor depends. As you will see in Sahro Ahmed Koshin’s latest poetry book ‘The Sounds of Laughter: An Anthology of Poems from the Soul’, her poems and writing\’s, for a great part deal with this phenomenal. Sahro’s poems very often have the depth and insight one looks for in life.

The book is about the search for joy. And the creation of more happiness in Somalia. Its about the sounds of laughter one can would hear in oneself. About the sounds of laughter one hears in one\’s house. And about the sounds of laughter one longs to hear in ones community. Its about the joy one would hope to find upon one\’s arrival in one\’s native homeland, after a very long absence. It’s about the power of imagining a child-friendly Somalia, a country paralyzed by war and violence and where happiness is in short supply.

The book is also about Imagining a Somalia where children can be just children. Laughing and playing around, like all children should, anywhere in the world. And not having to worry about a bomb explosion or a suicide attack outside your house or in your classroom. Its about war-torn Somalia, in the eyes of women and children. I am sure you will agree that people\’s lives are made up of many events that change and determine whom they become. Everyone deserves to be noted for who they are and what they can do. For me, this book is a piece of me, of who I am, of where I am coming from and of where I would love to be or where i am heading. The joy of this world, when you have summoned it all up is found in giving someone else a bit of yourself. I love my country and my people and happiness is very important for me.

The Sounds of laughter is a journey of hope and the cultivation of bliss in Somalia. At the same time is takes you through the social fabric of Somali culture and confronts gender issues. The book, accompanied by audio and some Somali cultural images takes you to a journey of giggles and laughter, it takes you through tears of frustration but also of happiness. It is about the voices of the talking drums of buranbuur, its about the whispers in the dark, about the sensational smoke released through the curved holes of the unsi burning in the traditional tabqaad which ignites ones senses all at the same time. Come with me and let us together explore this journey…………

Comments/feedback from others:

On September 1st Blacknotin Ina Cawsgurow said the following about one of my poems  called \’Tell me Somali Mother\’ \”Yes Koshin, a great piece… the world revolves around woman, the mother, all the time, hooyo is the center of mankind\’s universe. She is the creator, the \’provider\’, the maintainer, the nourisher… And at times humans find responsibilities and rights mix-up, till the blue sky. The more the responsibilities the fewer the rights or rewards, it seems. But no-doubt in the fact that one\’s roles to play, goes equivalent to one\’s importance. \’One\’s tantamount to one\’s task.\’ keep it up sister\”

Thank you Blacknotin!

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