Calling on Somali women writers, poets, artists to submit their works on peace in Somalia

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I have, for a long time now, so much wanted to compile a book of Somali women\’s voices, stories, perspectives and shared lived experiences. I think the time has finally come and I am beyond excited about this project.


The Puntland Women Writers Association (PWWA) is a Somali women’s network organization which promotes women’s participation in cultural, social, economic and political activities by providing them a platform on which they can voice their opinions on matters that affect them. Grounded on the historical Somali custom of poetry and art as forms of communication and cultural engagement, PWWA use creative writing, digital journalism and literary galas to influence the masses and inspire change. PWWA facilitates activities and builds capacity for its members to cultivate, craft and refine talent for writing to give visibility to women’s writing as an asset for mobilization and dissemination.

Call for contributions – women writing for peace

PWWA is sending out this Call to Somali women throughout Somalia to submit their contributions to commemorate International #PeaceDay which falls on Friday September 21st and whose theme is Human Rights –the Right to Peace. To what human right do you commit yourself in your community? Women writers, poets, essayists, storytellers, artists, composers from all over Somalia are invited to submit their artworks. By marking #PeaceDay, PWWA will help make this global event a success and thereby promote positive social change to develop a foundation of a just society on which to build a more peaceful Somalia. The activity aims to raise awareness about the importance of peace and & human rights and highlight women’s contributions towards peaceful co-existence.

Planned key activities include;

  1. A call for contributions from women writers and poets in Somalia.
  2. Creative writing/blogging workshops to support upcoming artists craft their ideas for peace.
  3. Literary sessions to give opportunity to applicants to practice presenting their works;
  4. Compilation of all submitted peace artworks into ‘a peace book’ and publication.
  5. Poetry posters sessions of submitted works and exhibition on festive launch ceremony.
  6. Applicants will each receive a copy of the peace book bundle and a surprise gift as an appreciation.
  7. A festive ceremony celebrating #PeaceDay with submitted artworks; poster sessions; launch of ‘peace book’; infographic video clip of applicants + submissions; cultural performances; poetry recitals; panel sessions; peace theatre; storytelling sessions; spoken word & more from women\’s perspectives.
  8. Interviews with applicants about their submissions, experiences of the process by international media.

Ideas for contributions

What is your idea/vision for peace in Somalia? Possible topics for submissions could include fiction stories describing ways women and girls can/are building peace in Somalia; or poems that speak of peace and human rights, nonviolence; or artworks and sights of peace, justice, to ignite new thinking; or personal narratives, drawings and illustrative storylines/comics; or other creatives idea about how you think society should plant more seeds for peace and justice in Somalia. All applicants are required to submit full contacts and a brief bio which’ll be used for the posters.

Contacts and submission deadline

There are no submission restrictions on length, amount, etc of contributions. You are free to determine the size and length of your contribution. Send your submissions before 16 September 2018 by email to For more information about PWWA and its activities, kindly follow them on social media Facebook on this link and Twitter @PuntlandW



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