The Community of Practice (CoP) consist of Somali women who share a
concern and passion for improving the status of women in higher education.
It is an informal, self-organised platform that spans across regions and
countries with members distributed throughout Somalia and beyond.

The CoP promotes best practice and common gender capability in higher
education across Somalia. The group makes use of both off and online
support provided by Somalia Gender Hub.

Women in Higher Education - CoP


The objectives of the Somalia Gender Hub in Higher Education CoP include:

  • To offer Somali women the opportunity to connect, collaborate and support each other
  • To provide women a forum for the cooperation of activities where women in higher education in Somalia adds value to existing initiatives
  • To identify linkages and opportunities for collaborative strategic and technical support and to coordinate the delivery of such
  • To organize activities that promote women’s participation in higher education

Community of Practice

Membership of the CoP is open to all women and young girls with an interest in higher education, research, and academia. It is open to women who share similar interests, goals, and or objectives in their career.

The CoP network is open for all women with the purpose to improve the position of women in higher education. We invite all women and girls to join the network and to become active in a productive way by thinking of how you want to contribute and to form workgroups that take up the various aspects that we could do with the network. All members are expected to share their expertise, and any documents or other resources they have which they think will be useful to all members. 

How to become a CoP member

Join by sending an email to Naeema Mohamed, Community of Practice Coordinator via 



Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme helps Somali women to develop and enhance their research skills. The assigned mentor assists in your professional development and provides online coaching.


How to join the Mentorship Programme

To know more about the Mentorship Programme, kindly send an email to Ikraam Abdiaziz, Mentorship Coordinator via

Become CoP Member

Become a Community of Practice member by sending us an email
and participate within our self-organized platform.

Join the Mentorship Programme

Join the Mentorship Programme by sending us an email

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