Biography Conference Speakers

Mohamed Abdi Osman, MEd

Curriculum specialist, Ministry of Education and Science, Somaliland.

Mohamed Abdi Osman is an educational specialist with 10 years of multidimensional field-levels such as research-oriented and statistics- based on experience in a wide range of socioeconomic contexts. With a MEd in Education, specialized in Curriculum and Teachers Professional Development. He has served as a lead consultant on several curriculum reviews and institutional capacity building assessments as well as preparing and facilitating a range of training workshops/programs for teachers, headteachers, supervisors, regional officers at MOE&S in Somaliland staffs.

Mohamed is currently working as a Curriculum Specialist  at the Department of Curriculum, Ministry of Education and Science in Hargeisa, Somaliland (since, 2021). The last several years Mohamed has been teaching and has had research experience in conventional mode at undergraduate and postgraduate level and also training as TOT’s Somaliland Pre-service. He has spent extensive time in Somaliland working as statistician, where he also served as the director of Research and Development Center for as well as the head of research department. Furthermore, Mohamed is also an independent researcher.

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