Biography Conference Speakers

Nereida Ripero Muñiz

University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa

Nereida Ripero Muñiz  is a lecturer and researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa since 2011. She holds a PhD in Migration Studies from the same university. Her research focuses on the Somali diaspora in sub-Saharan Africa, adopting a gendered approach and using diverse methodologies such as ethnography, narrative enquiry and participatory methods. She is the editor of the book Metropolitan Nomads: a Jouney thought Joburg Little Mogadishu  and author of the monograph Cosmopolitan refugees: Somali migrant women in Nairobi and Johannesburg. 

BOOK: Cosmopolitan Refugees: Somali Migrant Women in Nairobi and Johannesburg 
Exploring the dynamics of identity formation processes in diasporic spaces, this book analyses how gender, cultural and religious practices are renegotiated in a situation of displacement. The author presents the comparative case study of Somali migrant women in Nairobi and Johannesburg:  two cosmopolitan urban hubs in the global South. The book is based on and includes ethnographic observations in Nairobi and Johannesburg, first-person accounts of migration journeys across the African continent and women’s reflections on what it means to be a Somali woman today. 

Instagram: nereida.ripero 
Twiter: @NereidaRipero 


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