Fundraising for the drought-affected families in Somalia #Caawiwalaal

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I am fundraising for the drought-affected families whose situation is getting desperate by the minute. The drought has affected so many lives in Somalia and our people are dying of hunger and thirst. There are fears that a full-blown famine might follow if the rains don\’t come soon. I am one of the many Somalis who is frustrated by the very poor response and the lack of coordination of efforts. Many people want to help, want to contribute with something but dont know how. I think together we can do better.  We must act now to #SaveLives

I am selling the books I have written over the years as a means of collecting funds to donate to the cause. Every penny from the proceeds of the books will go to the families affected by the drought. It is my small personal way of helping my people and trying to #BeBoldForChange #CaawiWalaal #Somalia

The full impact of the drought on the country is still unknown but felt very much. From the pictures we have seen that both men and women are affected by it but we also know that catastrophes have affect men and women differently. We have seen that mothers and children are most affected by this drought. My poetry book \’Sounds of Laughter\’ is running for 10 USD hard copy and can be purchased by contacting me at

As I go return back to Garowe on Saturday, i shall leave the books at a shop in Eastleigh Nairobi. I am still looking for one though……

So far i sold over 60 books while in Nairobi! Big-hearted Nairobians! Scroll down for pictures of the amazing people who bought my books during my stay in Nairobi. Many thanks and God bless them and you as well. Success in life is not counted by how high you have climbed the ladder of your own life but by how many people you brought with you.






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