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Let me stand strong, tall and wise.

Let me not be a broken arrow.

Left to whimper alone.

Let me not wallow in despair.

Selfishly taken advantage of.

Let me not be harmed, in any way.

Let me not lose my innocence.

And be seen as a piece of \’hilib bisil\’ – \’cooked meat\’, ready to eat.

Let me be a child, I beg.


Let me gain significance.

Let me not be molested by grown men.

Hurt, in so many painful ways.

Let me not be a weakened soul.

Left to moan and groan alone.

Let me be a happy joyful little girl.

Let me not lose it.

Let me be a child, I beg.


Let me play outside with my friends.

Let me not fear those I look up to.

Let me go to school with my peers.

Let me be happy always.

Let me gain eloquence.

Let me not lose it.

Let me be a child, I beg.


Let me not shed tears under a stream.

Left to wash off the dirt and pain on my own.

Let me not fall down, suffer alone.

Let them not forget my littleness.

Let me be given justice above all.

Let me not lose it.

Let me be a child, I beg.


Let me overcome obstacles.

Let me rise up to see the dawn of a new day.

Let me shine among the great.

Let me grow up to be strong and confident.

Let me not lose it.

Let me be a child, I beg.








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