In Somalia, I Search For The Sounds of Laughter

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I search


For the rare sounds of laughter

In Somalia

Yes, I do

I search high and I search low

And I pray that this day

Brings a chance

To glimpse a spark of life

To see others live free of regret

And with as much joy

Fun and laughter

As one can stand

In Somalia, I search everyday

For the rare sounds of laughter

I search for children chasing each other

Of little boys playing soccer in the blazing sun

Of little girls playing hide and seek, hair loose and dangling

A giggle here, a smile there, laughter everywhere

In Somalia I search and I search

And I see, and I ask

Why is there not an abundance of life?

An Abundance of the sounds of laughter?

Is a day not worth a chance?

And is a chance not worth the day

To hear the sounds of laughter

Of women pounding away, jokingly clapping hands

Voices which can be interpreted in so many ways

A giggle here, a smile there, laughter everywhere

In Somalia, I search everyday.

I search high for an opportunity, a risk or a chance

I search low

I search and I chase….

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