Introduction to Research Writing and Analysis Training Course for Somali Women

Upcoming Research Training Course 2021

Introduction to Research Writing and Analysis Training Course for Somali Women 

The Somalia Gender Hub will be organising an 8-week Introductory Research Writing for 20 Somali women in higher education, research and academia. The course will shed light on how to go about research in academia. This course is also excellent for beginner researchers. International established academic and researcher will be coordinating this specific course. The Coordinator will be monitoring the overall progress students have made and encourage the process forwards.

Rationale and Analysis
Research in Somalia is characterized by, among other things, a lack of coordination between research producers and knowledge users, which sometimes results in a dire lack of women’s input. Much of the knowledge being produced is not gendered and women’s voices are rare. There is very little written about Somali women as producers of knowledge and as subjects of study even though women and girls make up about 50%, if not more, of the Somali population. However, it is now widely recognized that women’s exclusion from knowledge production results in institutions and policies that do not address gender inequalities and are not responsive to women’s needs. 

  • Somali women only (maximum of 20 participants)
  • Bachelor, Master student or graduate
  • Well motivated for active collaborative hands-on learning about research on gender themes,
    leading to completing a research project presented at the conference
  • For a 8 week period able to spend 1-2 days per week on the course and the conference.
    Depending on prior experience occasionally more time may be needed.
  • Regular access to the internet, preferably with a desktop, laptop or tablet. A smartphone only will be too limited.
  • Reasonable command of English and Internet skills
Make sure you meet our criteria as mentioned above.

You can apply for the training and fill in the application form up until Sunday 5th of April, which is the deadline for the applications. In that week we will be making a selection and you will receive an email from us whether you are apart of the 20 participants that will be given the training.

To apply for this 8-week Research Writing and Analysis Training Course for Somali Women fill in this application form.

After filling in this application form, you will receive an email from us about the status of your enrollment.  For further questions you can contact us at
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