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Sahra Ahmed Koshin

Founder and Director

Sahra A. Koshin is the Founder and Director of the Somalia Gender Hub. She is a 2nd year PhD Candidate at the University of Copenhagen/Nairobi studying Somali diaspora humanitarianism in complex crises. She is a humanitarian/development expert with over 10 years of professional work experience in research and policy development, program management and institutional capacity strengthening, gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment. Sahra is a regular blogger, poet and an accomplished author having published 3 literary books and won international literary awards such as the Dutch Rabobank Poetry Award. In 2013 she founded the Puntland Women Writers Association (PWWA). Her writings can be found on her Google Scholar profile Google Scholar

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Khatra L. Koshin

Research Coordinator & Education Expert

Khatra L. Koshin is the Research Writing Coordinator and Education Expert at Somalia Gender Hub. She is a Behavioral Scientist and Cognitive Therapist specializing in young adults’ mental development. She is also a paralegal for refugees in The Netherlands and has theoretical & experimental knowledge of the interaction between educational environments and human behavior. 

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Hodman Mohamed Ahmed

Advocacy Coordinator

Hodman Mohamed Ahmed  is the Advocacy Manager of Somalia Gender Hub. She is a very dynamic and industrious lady with great zeal to transform and impact the society positively. As a tourism professional, she has single handedly founded Infoaid Travels and Tourism Consultancy LTD, after working in the airline industry. As a travel consultant, she had a chance to deal with a wide variety of clients in managing all their travel arrangements. The job has enlightened her a lot in especially understanding wide variety of people and thus making her better in personnel relationships. She has a great zeal in giving back to the community as there is no much better way in getting inner peace than to serve the community. As an entrepreneur and an independent woman, She is seen as a social influencer to the youth especially girls. Her background in Community Activity for Relief and Development (CAFDARO) fueled her need to be part of the help in humanitarian and development experience working with communities focusing on emergency relief, development, programming, and community empowerment.

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Ikraam Abdiaziz

Mentorship Programme Coordinator

Ikraam Abdiaziz is the Mentorship Project Coordinator at Somalia Gender Hub. She has a BSc. In Human Nutrition and Food Science. She is an activist and an advocate for human rights, peace building and integration with emphasis on women and youth empowerment in Somalia. Ikraam is a dynamic freelancer, a community organizer, a social media influencer and a highly motivated individual. She is a source of inspiration to many with her outstanding and creativity. She has a strong work ethics and works easily with people of different backgrounds. Ikraam’s vision is to contribute to a better world through social justice, activism and the attainment of the SDGs. Ikraam is currently leading a project focused on designing innovative solutions to end global Hunger and Poverty at Movement for Social justice and Advocacy for Women Empowerment.


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Nima Mohamed Tigow

Community of Practice Coordinator

Nima Mohamed Tigow is the Community of Practice (CoP) Coordinator at Somalia Gender Hub. The CoP is a platform which brings together She is also a researcher in Gender and Development Specialist with over five years in consultancy and research experience. Her main areas of expertise include methodological design, quantitative and qualitative research, and scripting/programming survey questionnaires in high-tech devices, transcription and translation. Nima also specializes in data management, analysis and monitoring and evaluation. She currently works as Technical Advisor on women economic empowerment at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Federal Government of Somalia in close collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development. Nima holds a BA in Public Administration from Mogadishu University and Master in Gender and Development Studies (GDS) from University of Nairobi.

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