You lit a candle: In honor of the late Saada Ali Warsame

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The voice that unified Somalis has been silenced today. Saada Ali Warsame was violently killed in broad day light in Mogadishu on the 23rd of July 2014. She was beautiful soul and she promoted Somalia’s potential for peace and unity. May her beautiful soul rest forever in peace.

I woke up this morning and read the article:
It rattled my soul and wetted my eyes.
I was not ready for it and pretended it was not real.

You lit a candle.
A candle of honor and bravery.

When the oppression began.
You knew things were going to be bad.
That there would be pain, suffering and agony.
That the journey ahead would be sad.

You lit a candle.
A candle of light, life and love.

From the beginning you knew what to do.
When a net of oppression was forced upon you.
You didn’t scream and you didn’t cry, instead.

You lit a candle.
A candle of solidarity, goodwill and unity.

When our hopes were dashed.
You stood by us and that we cannot deny.
With one hand repairing the wounds.
With another you wept with us.

You lit a candle.
A candle of love, of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Sometimes it was so hard.
As though you were standing on the edge of a cliff.
So much disbelief, so much sorrow.
But you proved to be stronger than that.

You lit a candle.
A candle of affection and compassion.

You didn’t let the enemy get the best of you.
You took a deep breath and spread your wings.
And soared towards freedom as if you were an eagle.

You lit a candle.
A candle for all Somalis, sons and daughters of the soil.

And you didn’t want anyone to blow out the flame.
Everyday was a new challenge.
And you knew Somalis needed warmth and direction.
To help them along the long, harsh way to peace.

You left your home and family.
And came to be by our side.
The days of suffering passed by quickly.
Every decision you made you knew would determine tomorrow.

You lit a candle.
A candle of bravery, dignity and honor.

And oh no you wouldn’t let the wind find its flames.
You helped bring about the end of our people’s sorrows.
Whether we told you or not.
The flame you lit keeps our us going.
Keeps us striving for the best.

And we will not let anyone take our pride, our wings are spread.
And now through the sky we are soaring.
You ensured that hopes didn’t get shattered.
you breathed life into our homes.

You lit a candle.
A candle of heroism, of gut and admiration.

But they gang-killed her dear Saada.
And left you to bleed to death.
Gun wounds all over your delicate body.

Oh who would ever do such a cruel thing to such a beautiful soul.
Haunted from the delicate mortal.
Her scalded marrow.
Your innocence stripped with guns.

For what account?
For what misdeed?
For what wrong doing?

How much courage does one need to stay alive in Somalia?
How long will it one take to be alive?
How far is the destination to peace in Somalia?
How many more must be killed?

You lit a candle.
A candle of honor and bravery.

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